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Training: CCNA Cyber Ops - SECFND - Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals ( exam 200-250)

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duur: 39 uur |

Taal: Engels (US) |

Online toegang: 180 dagen

In deze online CCNA Cyber Ops training leer meer over de gebruikelijke beveiligingsconcepten en de basisbeveiligingstechnieken die worden gebruikt in een Security Operations Center (SOC).

Je leert onder andere de verschillende netwerkconcepten, de basisprincipes van TCP / IP en fundamentele beveiligingsconcepten. Verder ga je aan de slag met netwerktoepassingen en de beveiligingsuitdagingen, de basisprincipes van cryptografie en krijg je inzicht in endpoint attacks.


Je bent bekend met de gebruikelijke beveiligingsconcepten en de basisbeveiligingstechnieken die worden gebruikt in een Security Operations Center (SOC). Je bent optimaal voorbereid op het Cisco examen 200-250.


Er is geen specifieke voorkennis vereist. Het is een pre om te beschikken over:

  • Kennis van het Windows-besturingssysteem;
  • Kennis van het Linux-besturingssysteem;
  • Basic IPv4 en IPv6 adressering van kennis.


Netwerkbeheerder, Securityspecialist

CCNA Cyber Ops - SECFND - Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals ( exam 200-250)

39 uur

SECFND: Overview and Network Models

Course_Description=<p>Discover the CCNA Cyber Ops exam and explore the OSI network model.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:37

SECFND: Network Models

Course_Description=<p>Explore more of the OSI network model, some additional network models, and the TCP/IP network model.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:51

SECFND: Basic Networking Protocols

Course_Description=<p>Explore the network protocols that are used within most networks and the Internet, as well as the processes and tools that facilitate communication between network devices.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:01

SECFND: Basic Networking Services

Course_Description=<p>Discover the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Domain Name System (DNS), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and how they are used to manage and facilitate communications over a network.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:02

SECFND: Network Devices Operations &amp;amp; Security

Course_Description=<p>Explore the appliances, devices, and software Cisco has available and how they can be used to help solve networking and security issues.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:10

SECFND: Network Addressing

Course_Description=<p>Examine the structure of an IP address, as well as how subnetting works and is used in networks.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:52

SECFND: VLANS and Data Visibility

Course_Description=<p>Explore Virtual Local Area Networks and why you may want to use one on your network. Examine a demonstration on a potential security risk and discover tips to help mitigate that risk.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:28

SECFND: ACLs &amp;amp; Filtering

Course_Description=<p>Examine access control lists, as well as how to apply packet filtering and block traffic based on IP addresses with a Cisco router. Explore how firewall devices operating at higher OSI levels can perform additional functions.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:53

SECFND: Filtering and Packet Capture

Course_Description=<p>Explore the concept of deep packet inspection, including why you would use it and packet capturing methods, such as inline traffic interrogation. Examine Test Access Points, how these devices copy network traffic, and traffic mirroring.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:58

SECFND: Packet Analysis

Course_Description=<p>Discover how different types of output from packet capturing can be used and analyzed. Examine a demonstration of using Cisco NetFlow and Wireshark to obtain flow information.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:49

SECFND: Data Loss &amp;amp; Defense in Depth

Course_Description=<p>Discover the impacts of data loss from security and networking standpoints and analyze data loss using Wireshark. Explore the principles of Defense-in-Depth, including how to set up multiple defenses to act as independent road blocks.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:55

SECFND: Security Concepts

Course_Description=<p>Explore foundational security terms and concepts, including threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits. Chain of custody, reverse engineering, principle of least privilege, and risk scoring, reduction, and assessment are also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:56

SECFND: Security Management

Course_Description=<p>Explore different access control models, including discretionary, mandatory, and nondiscretionary. Examine industry-standard security concepts, including host-based antivirus, protection types, log collection, and SIEM systems.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:48

SECFND: Security Management

Course_Description=<p>Take a detailed look at foundational security management concepts and how they are key to maintaining a secure environment. These concepts include asset, configuration, mobile device, patch, and vulnerability management.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:31

SECFND: Cryptography

Course_Description=<p>Explore how crypto algorithms are used to help secure data in a digital environment, including the use of hash and encryption algorithms. Discover the differences between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption and when to use each.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:54

SECFND: Digital Signatures

Course_Description=<p>Explore digital signatures and how to create and verify them. Examine public key infrastructure, when to use it, and common implementation designs. The role of cryptographic exchange on security investigations is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:17

SECFND: SSL/TLS Components

Course_Description=<p>Examine the characteristics and considerations of SSL/TLS and its components. Secure key exchange, protocol versions and considerations, and Public Key Cryptography Standard are also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:58

SECFND: Cryptographic Hashing Algorithms

Course_Description=<p>Discover the security impact of commonly used hash algorithms, characteristics of successful hashing algorithms, and the types of hashing algorithms available.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:31

SECFND: Cryptographic Encryption Algorithms

Course_Description=<p>Explore encryption algorithms, their history and characteristics, and the security impacts they have on networks. Examine the recommended minimum security algorithms based on use and how to appropriately choose an algorithm to use.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=01:03

SECFND: Windows Host Terminology

Course_Description=<p>Explore basic Windows terminology, including processes, threads, handles, services, memory allocation, Windows Registry, and WMI.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:33

SECFND: Linux Host Terminology

Course_Description=<p>Examine basic Linux terminology, how to complete basic tasks in a Linux environment, and how to identify problematic or potentially malicious processes on a Linux system. Forks, symlink, daemons, and permissions are also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:52

SECFND: Endpoint Security

Course_Description=<p>Examine endpoint security, its purpose, and the associated risks. Tips for hardening individual endpoints are also provided.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:32

SECFND: Interpreting Log Data

Course_Description=<p>Discover the importance of interpreting log data, including how to locate and decipher information. Viewing log info in Windows, Unix, Apache, and Mac systems is covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:48

SECFND: Network Data Types

Course_Description=<p>Discover how to examine network traffic in a Linux environment using tcpdump, including tool installation and filter customization. Identifying data types and viewing information to combat malicious email attacks is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:58

SECFND: Network Data Types and Security Monitoring

Course_Description=<p>Explore data types and how data can be analyzed within networks, using tools such as tcpdump, Wireshark, and NetFlow. Examine how data can be useful as a tool for network security monitoring.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:54

SECFND: Network Monitoring

Course_Description=<p>Examine the importance of monitoring different network components, including how and where to configure an access control list on a router. Network and port address translation, tunneling, traffic types, and load balancing are also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:57

SECFND: Next Generation Firewalls

Course_Description=<p>Explore events, the information they can provide about your network, and how to use Cisco FireSIGHT to highlight them. Viewing connection, intrusion, host, network discovery, and NetFlow events is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:26

SECFND: Monitoring Network Protocols

Course_Description=<p>Explore the importance of monitoring the protocols being used in your network and the weaknesses protocols can have. Protocols covered include DNS, NTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, HTTP, and HTTPS.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:51

SECFND: Security Attack Concepts

Course_Description=<p>Explore various security attack concepts, including privilege escalation, social engineering, phishing, evasion methods, and remote and local attacks. Attack surface versus vulnerability is also covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:31

SECFND: Network and Web Attacks

Course_Description=<p>Strengthen your security skills by familiarizing yourself with various attack styles. Explore DoS, DDoS, Man in the Middle, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, LDAP injection, and directory traversal attacks.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:46

SECFND: Attacks and Evasion

Course_Description=<p>Discover how attackers target your networks and evasion methods they may use. Buffer overflow, malware, port scanning, host profiling, encryption and tunneling, resource exhaustion, traffic fragmentation, and pivot attacks are covered.</p> TargetAudience= Duration=00:53

Wij bieden, naast de training, in sommige gevallen ook diverse extra leermiddelen aan. Wanneer u zich gaat voorbereiden op een officieel examen dan raden wij aan om ook de extra leermiddelen te gebruiken die beschikbaar zijn bij deze training. Het kan voorkomen dat bij sommige cursussen alleen een examentraining en/of LiveLab beschikbaar is.

Examentraining (proefexamens)

In aanvulling op deze training kunt u een speciale examentraining aanschaffen. De examentraining bevat verschillende proefexamens die het echte examen dicht benaderen. Zowel qua vorm als qua inhoud. Dit is de ultieme manier om te testen of u klaar bent voor het examen. 


Als extra mogelijkheid bij deze training kunt u een LiveLab toevoegen. U voert de opdrachten uit op de echte hardware en/of software die van toepassing zijn op uw Lab. De LiveLabs worden volledig door ons gehost in de cloud. U heeft zelf dus alleen een browser nodig om gebruik te maken van de LiveLabs. In de LiveLab omgeving vindt u de opdrachten waarmee u direct kunt starten. De labomgevingen bestaan uit complete netwerken met bijvoorbeeld clients, servers, routers etc. Dit is de ultieme manier om uitgebreide praktijkervaring op te doen.


Via ons opleidingsconcept bespaar je tot 80% op trainingen

Start met leren wanneer je wilt. Je bepaalt zelf het gewenste tempo

Spar met medecursisten en profileer je als autoriteit in je vakgebied.

Ontvang na succesvolle afronding van je cursus het officiële certificaat van

Krijg inzicht in uitgebreide voortgangsinformatie van jezelf of je medewerkers

Kennis opdoen met interactieve e-learning en uitgebreide praktijkopdrachten door gecertificeerde docenten


Zodra wij uw order en betaling hebben verwerkt, zetten wij uw trainingen klaar en kunt u aan de slag. Heeft u toch nog vragen over ons orderproces kunt u onderstaande button raadplegen.

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Duur 39 uur
Taal Engels (US)
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Online toegang 180 dagen
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Award Winning E-learning Ja
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