Training: Access 2019- update
Microsoft Access
6 uur
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Training: Access 2019- update

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Raak vertrouwd met de nieuwste functies van Acces 2019. Microsoft Access is een databasebeheersysteem en maakt deel uit van Microsoft Office 2019- suite. In deze training leer je meer over de functies van de nieuwste Acces versie. Het is een krachtig programma waarmee gebruikers grote hoeveelheden gegevens kunnen opslaan en deze gegevens voor verschillende toepassingen kunnen analyseren.

Tijdens deze training leer je onder andere:

  • Een eenvoudige en uitgebreide query en formulieren maken.
  • Verken tabellen, primaire sleutels en verbanden en ontdek hoe je zowel velden als veld eigenschappen kunt opmaken en bewerken.
  • Gegevens opslaan en het beschermen van jouw database.
  • Database-item afdrukken,exporteren en versturen via e-mail.
  • Gegevens importeren, opmaakinstellingen wijzigen, vervolg keuzemenu's maken, gegevensvalidatie uitvoeren en labels maken met jouw gegevens.
  • Database opschonen en analyseren.

Inhoud van de training

Access 2019- update

6 uur

Access 2019: Working with Databases

  • A database is an organized collection of data that can be

  • accessed, analyzed, and exported into useful reports. In order to
  • create a database, you will first need to become familiar with the
  • database tool at hand. In this 6-video course, "Working with
  • Databases," you will explore the Access 2019 database application
  • in the Microsoft Office 2019 suite. Learners will also discover how
  • to open existing databases and create new ones, and learn how to
  • customize the interface, including the Quick Access Toolbar and
  • ribbon. Begin the Access 2019 course by observing how to open the
  • application and open a database, and then how to use database
  • templates to create a database quickly. You will then navigate the
  • interface to locate tools available to manage and create a
  • database, and explore how to customize the application's interface
  • and theme. This leads into customizing the Quick Access toolbar.
  • Learners will conclude the course by observing how to customize the
  • tool ribbon.

Access 2019: Saving, Printing & Exporting Databases

  • In this 6-video course, "Saving, Printing, and Exporting

  • Databases," learners will discover how to save data, print database
  • items, export a database, and send tables via email in Access 2019.
  • To begin, learn how to save your data as a database or object, and
  • then move onto saving regularly and repairing, backing up, and
  • adjusting your database save settings. This leads learners into
  • observing how to protect a database by adding password encryption
  • if it contains confidential or sensitive data. Any object contained
  • in your Access database can be printed, so you will next learn how
  • to print items in your database. Furthermore, learn how to export
  • data that you have compiled in your database to a different
  • program; observe how Access allows you to export data in a variety
  • of different formats including Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and
  • HTML formatted web pages. You will conclude the course by
  • discovering how to send your database table via email using
  • Access's integrated email function.

Access 2019: Tables, Fields & Entries

  • To get the most out of Access 2019, one needs to understand the

  • structure and main elements of a database. In this 9-video course,
  • "Access 2019: Tables, Fields, and Entries," learners can explore
  • tables, primary keys, and relationships, and discover how to format
  • and edit both fields and field properties. Begin by learning the
  • structure and key features of your database such as a table, field,
  • value, query, and form. Then learn how to create a table
  • automatically or manually in a database, and organize, filter, and
  • hide database items. Examine how to insert fields into tables,
  • format database fields, and edit database field properties, as each
  • field in an Access data table has a particular format. In Access,
  • you will often find that data values inserted into different tables
  • are related, so discover how to link data in different tables to
  • help visualize the relationship between records spread across
  • multiple tables. Then move on to observing how to manage data
  • relationships, and finally, to learning how to visualize object
  • dependencies.

Access 2019: Inserting, Importing & Formatting Data

  • In this 8-video course, "Access 2019: Inserting, Importing, and

  • Formatting Data," learners will discover how to enter and import
  • data, change formatting settings, create dropdown menus, enforce
  • data validation, and create labels with data. Begin the course by
  • learning how to insert data into a table, and then explore how to
  • modify the default navigation settings. In Access, you can import
  • data that has been created or edited in a different program, which
  • can save you the time required to manually reenter your data values
  • or records. You will next learn how to use Excel data in a
  • database. This leads into exploring how to import an address book
  • from Outlook. Thereafter, learners will delve into formatting text
  • in their data; creating a dropdown menu; and also creating data
  • validation rules, which can be used to place limits on the
  • information that can be inserted into access data tables. The
  • course concludes by demonstrating how to create labels.

Access 2019: Finding & Organizing Data

  • There are multiple ways to find or search for elements and

  • Access allows you to adapt your view on fields by sorting and
  • filtering data values. This 6-video course, "Access 2019: Finding
  • and Organizing Data," allows learners to discover how to sort,
  • filter, find, and replace features available in Access 2019. This
  • process will enable you to save time and locate the information you
  • need most within your Access database values. To begin, you will
  • learn how to sort the data in the data tables, and then filter the
  • data in the data tables. Explore how to search and locate data
  • values, which is useful if you have a large number of records in
  • your data table. Also, you will discover how to replace data
  • values. Creating an index in Access can help find a value or record
  • more quickly, which is particularly useful if a data table contains
  • a large number of records; learners will also observe how to edit
  • database indexes. Conclude with a look at finding duplicate values
  • in a database.

Access 2019: Creating Forms & Queries

  • Forms in Access 2019 are designed to help you visualize records

  • and create new data entries more easily. In this 8-video course,
  • "Access 2019: Creating Forms and Queries," learners discover how to
  • create forms quickly using the form wizard tool, add data values,
  • create queries, and perform calculations. Begin by learning how to
  • create a data entry form with the wizard tool, before exploring the
  • use of different form types. Discover how to create a data entry
  • form from scratch, and edit form elements by inserting text in a
  • form. You will then observe how to create a simple query, as well
  • as a crosstab query, which allows you to cross reference data that
  • you have extracted from your Access database. The course continues
  • by demonstrating how to perform a simple calculation, with which,
  • for example, you can apply sum, maximum, and average formulas to
  • analyze the information inserted into a query, and concludes by
  • showing learners how to create a calculated field.

Access 2019: Customizing Forms

  • In this 8-video course, "Access 2019: Customizing Forms,"

  • learners explore how to add and customize forms, restructure
  • individual elements, or change the theme to enhance a form's look
  • and feel. Begin by formatting text boxes inserted into a form. Then
  • move on to inserting a list box—list boxes can be used to limit
  • values that can be inserted into forms. Next, observe how to insert
  • checkboxes, which can be used to simplify some of the questions or
  • fields in an Access form. This leads into inserting buttons, used
  • to give users greater control over Access data entry forms. Next,
  • delve into reorganizing a form, making an Access form easier to use
  • by reorganizing different elements and controls that have been
  • created. Then explore editing information in a form, such as title,
  • time, date, or adding images. Discover how to customize the
  • appearance of a form, by, for example, changing the overall theme,
  • selecting a new color, and changing the text font schemes. Conclude
  • the course by observing how to edit a form's properties.

Access 2019: Using the Report & Analysis Tools

  • To get the most out of a database, you can extract data and

  • analyze data patterns. Reports allow you to extract and view the
  • information you need. You can also get a clear global view of a
  • database by keeping your data clean. Once you have created a
  • database, it is important to know how to analyze and interpret
  • data. In this 5-video Access 2019 course, you will discover how to
  • create reports, as well as how to create custom and automatic
  • reports to extract needed information. Also, learners will observe
  • how to clean up a database and analyze the database itself. Begin
  • by creating a quick report, then learn how to create a database
  • report from scratch. This leads to exploring how to customize a
  • report, for example, formatting text and inserting additional
  • items, modifying the layout or page orientation. Next, explore
  • cleaning up a database; Access Speech is a useful query that can be
  • used to clean up a database file. Conclude the course by observing
  • how to analyze a database.


Engels (US)
6 uur
Microsoft Access
90 dagen online toegang

Meer informatie

Doelgroep Eindgebruikers

Deze training is speciaal ontwikkeld voor aankomende en enigszins ervaren gebruikers die in staat zijn om tabellen en query’s te maken voor een bestaande of nieuwe databaseapplicatie of voor hen die grote datahoeveelheden moeten analyseren. Ervaring met het werken in een Windows-omgeving en met bestanden en mappen is gewenst. Een goede kennis van functies van Microsoft Excel strekt zeker tot voordeel.


Na het volgen van deze training kan je zelfstandig aan de slag met opslaan, printen, exporteren en versturen van data met behulp van Access 2019.

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